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Vocaroo is a shiny new service for sending voice messages across the interwebs. It's still under development though, so problems may occur.


For help using Vocaroo, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. For other kinds of help you may wish to consult your doctor or psychiatrist.

Contact us

Just send an email to and we'll reply ASAP.

Please check the help first if you have a problem. To be honest, if the answer isn't there, we probably don't know it either.


Vocaroo is provided in the hope that it will be useful, however we don't accept any responsibility for anything that happens ever (be it a result of you using this service or not). If nuclear war occurs because a Vocaroo message gets lost in the ether, it's not our fault. Disclaimers are wonderful things!

Vocaroo is still in BETA. This means it is still being developed, tested and tweaked. Accidents may and do happen, and messages may get lost or corrupted.

So please don't use this service for anything too important.

Also, by using this service you agree that your first born child will belong to us.


Vocaroo respects your privacy! At least, up to a point. Tracking cookies are really great. How else are we gonna earn some delicious advertising monies? (And pay for these servers?) Vocaroo uses the following third party services which may create cookies on your system:

You should also be aware that the Five Eyes are tracking your every move, and if you really care about privacy you should consider disconnecting all of your electronic devices from the internet (and phone and GPS networks), destroying them with thermite, and burying the charred remains in a desert somewhere.

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