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Do I need a microphone to use Vocaroo?

Yes... if you don't have a microphone handy, headphones can sometimes be used instead (by plugging them into your computer's microphone port). Please note we accept no responsibility for any explosions that result from you doing this.

I always get "Connection failed" when I try to record.

You are probably behind a restrictive firewall. This is very common if you are connecting from a school or workplace. Vocaroo currently requires TCP port 1935 to be opened on your network.

On the other hand, if you can sometimes connect successfully but at other times cannot, this may be a problem with Vocaroo. Please report to if this happens frequently!

Nothing is being recorded. How do I configure my microphone?

Please check your microphone is enabled and the volume is loud enough.

To change your microphone settings, right click on the voice recorder (where it says "Click to Record" on the Vocaroo main page), then select "settings". From here you can select the microphone tab to access the microphone volume slider. You can also check the correct microphone is selected in the drop down box.

For more information and help on configuring your microphone, please take a look at the Flash Player Help.

The "Allow" button doesn't work when trying to record.

This seems to be a problem with Flash Player and beyond Vocaroo's control. Please try the following to fix:

A message I shared via email hasn't been received! Is it lost?

The recipient should check their spam/junk email folder in case the message went there. Unfortunately, if it isn't in the spam folder, then it cannot be recovered. Vocaroo does not keep a record of emails.

Please note: lost emails are rarely the fault of Vocaroo! Email providers regularly discard emails without your knowledge and before they even reach your spam folder, and they seem to take particular delight in losing people's Vocaroo messages. You could try contacting the email provider and asking them to allow emails from "".

If you are recording a message of any importance, you should always save the link elsewhere or send it via your normal email software (which will keep a copy) rather than rely on Vocaroo's email sharing.

How long are messages kept for on Vocaroo?

Vocaroo does not provide permanent storage; there are simply too many messages recorded for this to be possible.

There is not a definite age at which messages are deleted, however it is likely messages will expire after a few months. If a message is important you should download and save it to your own computer as soon as possible to avoid losing it.

A message that is several months old no longer plays!

See above. If a message was several months old, it may have expired and been deleted. Expired messages cannot be recovered.

Messages may also be removed due to copyright infringement or harassment and other things.

How long can my recorded message be?

There is no fixed limit on message length, however be aware that even brief internet connection outages can cause recording to be stopped or to fail, and with longer recordings the chance of this increases.

How do I download and save a message to my computer?

Various download options are available underneath a message.

In some cases you may need to right click the download option and select "Save As" or "Download As" or similar to force it to be saved rather than playing automatically.

The sound quality is really bad. Help!?

In almost all cases this is caused by using a low quality microphone. To improve quality, you could try turning your microphone's volume down (right click on the recorder to access the Flash Player settings), and also try moving further away from the microphone while speaking.

Sound quality might also be improved by standing on your head.

Why do I sound like a Chipmunk/Optimus Prime?

Something's broken somewhere. It may be fixed one day. Please report this problem so we know how often it occurs.

Can I use Vocaroo to add voice recording to my own website?

Sorry, it doesn't look like this will be available for a while.

Does Vocaroo work on the iPhone and other mobile devices?

Yes, message playback should work on most smartphone devices which support HTML5 including iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, recording is not currently possible as iPhone and other devices have decided not to allow in-browser microphone access. Apps of some sort are a future possibility, but the future is sadly not now.

Where is the "Post on the internet" option?

It's no longer called "post on the internet". Instead, you have to copy and paste the Vocaroo link under where it says "Sharing options". (See this screenshot here.)

Is Vocaroo going to be in Beta forever?

No. Eventually it will cease to exist altogether: The sun will die and go cold, and the small fraction of humanity that leaves Earth will have little need of Vocaroo packed together in a cramped generation ship.

My question isn't answered here!

We probably don't know the answer, but you can contact us if you like.

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